Towards Anti-racist Legal Pedagogy: A Resource

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Towards Anti-racist Legal Pedagogy: A Resource

A Social and Legal Studies Association (SLSA) funded research project led by Dr Suhraiya Jivraj

This Social and Legal Studies Association (SLSA) funded project is aimed at assisting teachers to develop anti-racist pedagogy in their teaching in five of the six foundation subjects currently required for a qualifying law degree (QLD).

These subjects tend to be neglected from attention to ‘diversify’ the curriculum due to the perception that the regulatory requirements limit what can be taught. However, as Professor Steven Vaughan (2016) has highlighted many of us are unaware of the expansive remit of what can be taught in these modules. Given the increasing impetus and recognition of the scale specifically of racial injustices within the Higher Education sector and professional fields, clearly the time is right for teachers to ensure that we are working towards developing an anti-racist legal pedagogy

Chapter outline

  • Chapter one: outlines the drivers for change underlying the emerging regulatory framework seeking to address inequalities relating to race and education more broadly in HE and in relation to gaps in legal education. It also explores the experiences of racism in HE and highlights the work of the HEFCE Consortium of five universities who have developed an inclusive curriculum framework which acts as a benchmark of current good practice in the sector
  • Chapter two: outlines the methodology, theoretical framework and tensions in terminology from inclusion to decolonising
  • Chapter three: draws on existing literature and inclusive curriculum resources highlighting key elements to assist teachers prepare the ground for developing a more anti-racist curriculum and classroom
  • Chapter four: highlights existing examples of good practice in legal education gathered through interviews specifically with law school teachers and an online survey in the five QLD subjects and an Introduction to Law module.

Feedback & Crowdsourcing

Please get in touch via the feedback form or the ‘post a comment’ box below. We would be delighted to receive:
  • comments or feedback from your practice as a result of this resource or
  • suggested contributions to this working document which we hope to continue on a crowdsource basis and/or
  • confirmation of your interest in joining a network of law school teachers who would like to stay in touch to share good practice.

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  • Rohini Sen

    8th September 2020 at 11:49 pm

    I am a post-colonial feminist TWAIL scholar and I teach critical international law in India (currently pursuing my PhD on critical pedagogy). I am interested to join a network of teachers looking to share their pedagogy as well as assist in this project in whatever way possible.

  • Yannick Nyah

    1st October 2020 at 12:44 pm

    Confirmation of our interest in joining the network of law school teachers who would like to stay in touch to share good practice. We have an interest in anti-racism wherever it is found. Thank you for such an initiative. We hope it reflects participation, inclusion, representation and diversity in the design brief, policies, systems, architectures and way forward.

  • Melanie Mpanju

    25th February 2021 at 9:44 pm

    Hello and thank you for compiling this great resource! I am also confirming our interest in joining the network of law school professors that are working to practice Anti-Racism initiatives in the classroom and curriculum. I hope to be in touch soon.