Centre for the Study of Group Processes

The research interests of members of the Centre are interrelated but diverse. Our research is based on a mixture of different theoretical perspectives, including social identity, power, the self, group dynamics, leadership, social influence, prejudice culture, and social development and social perception. Our research uses a variety of different research methods, including laboratory and field studies on both ad-hoc groups and real groups, such as work and leisure teams, businesses, schools, regions and even entire nations.
Our research can be best described under the following headings:

  • Group Processes
    Status, power, leadership, communication, social dilemmas, group decision-making, terror management
  • Intergroup Relations
    Stereotyping, prejudice, social identity, self-categorization, intergroup conflict, intergroup aggression, cultural values
  • Applications
    Ageism, racism, sexism, conspiracy theories, social protest and ideology, stereotype threat, organisational identity, children’s social exclusion and prejudice, prosocial behaviour, language, computers and internet, environmental protection