Crime, Culture and Control

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Crime, Culture and Control

Current research shows that Kent is Europe's leading centre for cultural criminology.

Members of this research cluster have extensive experience in undertaking theoretical and empirical criminology research. Their expertise also extends to related subjects such as the sociology of deviance, criminal justice studies, penology, media and cultural analysis.

Individually and collectively, members of the group seek to produce work that makes constructive and ethical interventions in public debates on the normative representation of such popular themes as:

  • drugs
  • gangs
  • imprisonment
  • violence
  • borders
  • terrorism
  • surveillance
  • transgression
  • censorship

Through its research publications and seminar series, the group analyses and challenges the use of images, discourse and policies on crime in the cultural, ideological and everyday representation of social injustice, social exclusion and marginalisation.

Current research undertaken within the CCCRG reflects the fact that Kent is the home of Europe’s leading centre for cultural criminology and is deeply committed to doing work premised on collaboration with a wide range of governmental and non-governmental public agencies. Through its activities, the group aims to challenge conventional and often populist understandings of criminality and the social processes of criminalisation and to influence public policy-making on the basis of intelligent and sensitive analyses of crime in contemporary society.

The CCCRG is active at both the Canterbury and Medway campuses of the University of Kent.