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Operations Research has been included in the curriculum of several faculties and departments for vocational degrees, bachelors, masters and doctoral programmes in Indonesia. There is also a national forum which brings together research scientists, OR practitioners and OR research observers such as the Indonesian Operations Research Association (IORA) and the Cooperation Agency for Higher Education in Industrial Engineering (BKSTI).

The Cooperation Agency for Higher Education in Industrial Engineering (BKSTI) was established in 1996 with the aim of strengthening and improving the quality and relevance of industrial engineering in higher education in Indonesia. BKSTI also plays a role in accommodating and finding solutions to problems in the implementation of higher education in industrial engineering, as well as accommodating cooperation between BKSTI members through information exchange activities and the implementation of education, research, and community services. BKSTI is a partner of the Directorate General of Higher Education (DIKTI) and other stakeholders in the field of industrial engineering in higher education. According to its mandate, BKSTI organises seminars, workshops, and competitions such as the Asia Pacific Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management (IOEM) and IOEM Student Competitions. In 2021, BKSTI has 325 registered members.

The Indonesian Operations Research Association (IORA) was established in 2014 to organise scientific forums for OR Scientists, OR practitioners and OR observers, as well as for expansion through the exchange of knowledge and application of techniques from within and outside the country. In 2021 there are more than 300 members consisting of lecturers, researchers, OR practitioners and OR observers. The initiative to form IORA was sparked during the 2nd Operations Research & Optimization Modeling (OROM) Workshop in July 2011 at the Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Universitas Padjadjaran. IORA has collaborated with several domestic and foreign institutions, including the University As Conference Organizing Activities, the universities organizing workshops, the Indonesian Mathematical Society (IndoMS), Narotama University Surabaya (MoU), Upright Decision, etc.

IORA’s activities include:

1. Annual organisation of International Conferences including the International Conference on Operations Research (IORA-ICOR) since 2016, the International Conference on Global Optimization since 2013 (Indonesia-Malaysia), and the International Conference On Control, Optimization and Mathematical Engineering (Icocome 2021).

2. Publications in support of the above:

a. International Journal of Global Operations Research (IJGOR), ISSN 2723-1747, eISSN 2722- 1016.
b. Operations Research: International Conference Series ORICS is the official international Conference Series of the Indonesian Operations Research Association (IORA) and publishes original research papers that have been presented at the International Conference ISSN 2723-1739, EISSN 2722-0974.