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Spring 2020 Schedule

21/01/20: Ben Hickman

Ben will be talking about and from his forthcoming poems, English Remedies, a collection of charms, exorcisms and blessings inspired by the Old and other Englishes, out soon with Litmus.

28/01/20: Calum Collins

‘My first novel, Wetware City, is a mish mash of all the things I’m fascinated by. When Mack’s best friend Frankie goes missing his search to find her takes him to odd transhumanists, a little old lady with one leg, far too many miniatures and an octopus called Loretta. Running alongside this story is the quest of Commander Metalfist, an ancient cyborg Megasoldier and his quest to escape from the frozen battlefield his unit has been trapped in for months: Mack’s kitchen table. It’s a bit strange and a bit funny and I can’t wait to tell you all about the progress I’ve made over the last year.

‘Calum Collins is a second year PhD student in the Contemporary Novel and is currently writing his first book. The second draft is slowly driving him insane but he’s sure it’ll all work out in the end.’

4/02/20: Charlotte Hanson

Charlotte is a second-year PhD candidate. As she says, ‘I will be reading excerpts from and discussing my work in progress which features the life of a young woman, Claudia, as everything falls apart around her. She has to wipe noses, deal with embezzlement, carry old people’s shopping around, not have a breakdown, clean grease trays, fall out of love and find her mum. And that’s before she’s dealt with the unwanted but disturbingly alluring sexual advances of a man that looks like the lovechild of a rat and a lollypop stick–her boss.

Chicken is my first novel and it is about a girl, life, and chickens. Much of the action centres around a supermarket hot food counter and I hope you think it is funny, gross and a bit sad.’

11/02/20: Jamie Nuttgens


25/02/20: TBC


03/03/20: Jude Cook


10/03/20: Sapphire Allard


17/03/20: Cat Madden


24/03/20: Dorothy Lehane


31/03/20: Rosa Rogers