Centre of Research & Education in Forensic Psychology

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Centre of Research & Education in Forensic Psychology

Seeking to understand the psychological processes underlying offending behaviour and victim responses

Forensic psychology research at Kent and all forensic-related teaching operates through our Centre of Research and Education in Forensic Psychology (CORE-FP).

The study of forensic psychology draws on psychological knowledge to understand how crime and antisocial behaviour occurs and how we, as a society, respond.

What unifies forensic psychology research is the type of problems we seek to explain and solve. The approaches we take, however, are diverse. We use theories and methods from social psychology, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, neuroscience, criminology, sociology, anthropology, and many other disciplines to unravel the complex human behaviours that result in crime. We also examine factors that allow humans to desist from crime, and factors associated with victim recovery.


Members of CORE-FP are world-leaders in research and teaching on:

  • Preventing offending
  • Psychological factors in the investigation of crime
  • Psychological processes in the courtroom
  • Social and cognitive causes of offending and antisocial behaviour
  • Treating and rehabilitating people who offend
  • Understanding victims of crime

Some of our current projects focus on specific forensic challenges:

  • Arson and firesetting
  • Cruelty towards non-human animals
  • Harmful sexual behaviour in an online world
  • Intergroup and interpersonal aggression and violence
  • Prison gangs and street gangs
  • Sexual abuse of children
  • Sexual aggression from ‘only banter’ to rape

Our academics are editors, associate editors and editorial board members for major journals in forensic and applied psychology. Many are Chartered Forensic Psychologists who assess and treat individuals who have offended.  CORE-FP academics have strong links with the UK Prison Service, the NHS, the Police, and other bodies involved in forensic related services and activities.

Research conducted at CORE-FP is funded by various national and international sources, which include the British Academy, Economic and Social Research Council, the Home Office, Leverhulme, the Ministry of Justice, the Nuffield Foundation and the Police.