Portrait of  Owen Traylor

Owen Traylor

Veteran of the British Foreign Service


Owen Traylor is a 31-year veteran of the British Foreign Service, giving him wide experience of international negotiation, conflict management and resolution, and peace processes. Membership of a Cabinet Office Committee on Northern Ireland in the run-up to the Good Friday Agreement gave him his first policy-making role in conflict resolution, while his final posting in Tel Aviv gave him first-hand experience of the Israel/Palestine conflict. In the latter stages of his diplomatic career he focused on the issues of counter-terrorism and counter-proliferation of WMD, and after leaving government service, he has continued this focus in the academic arena. He was Diplomat in Residence at Earlham College, Indiana, USA from 2009-11, and Diplomat in Residence at the University of Kent in 2015, among other teaching and research appointments. He divides his time between Japan, the US and the UK. He has a law degree from the University of Cambridge.

Last updated 30th April 2021