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Clark Chemistry Group Research at Kent

Developing new chemistry and methodologies

The Clark Group is a synthetic chemistry group based in the Functional Materials Group in the School of Chemistry and Forensic Science at the University of Kent.

We work on developing new chemistry and methodologies using the heavier main group elements, both for new applications and to gain fundamental insights in the chemistry of these often-neglected elements.


December 17 2018

Our group Christmas meal was delicious and fun, and with a surprise addition – Andryj crashed the party and we managed to get photographic evidence.

October 10 2018

Today’s a great day for the group.  Andryj has passed his viva (Congratulations, Dr Borys!) and immediately then jetted back to Edinburgh to continue with his post-doc.

September 19 2018

And now, we welcome to the group Oni, Chloe, and Glenn, doing a PhD, MRes, and MRes respectively.

September 6 2018

Success!  Work by Kyle and Andryj is now published in Inorg Chem, describing how even stabilised phosphonium cations can be good Lewis acids, and how that can be exploited catalytically.

April 4 2018

Congratulations to Andryj for winning a runner-up Poster prize at Dalton 2018.  He presented his work on main group heterocycles and their radical derivatives, and the prize is well earned.

March 26 2018

The Leverhulme Trust have awarded the Group the resources for a fully-funded PhD here at Kent, working on Phosphenium chemistry and understanding how we can control (and exploit) their unique reactivity.  Watch this space for details on how to apply.

January 15 2018

Andryj heads off to UEA in Norwich for a week, learning the ins and outs of cyclic voltammetry with Professor Greg Wildgoose.

September 25 2017

Welcome to the group, Asad, Chris and Oliver.