Centre for Quantitative Finance

The Centre for Quantitative Finance (CEQUFIN) seeks to actively generate impact through its extensive collaborations with various international industry partners. These include:

  • Eurobank Property Services SA (EPS): Since 2016, Dr. Antonis Alexandridis has been working closely with EPS to develop new software used for the automatic valuation of real estate properties in non-homogeneous markets. Conventional quality control methods typically entail the manual review of a random sample of completed appraisals. Using an Automatic Mass Valuation System (AMVS) throughout this process increases speed, reduces subjectivity and limits the need for manual review to cases identified by the AMVS as exceptional. This project is having significant impact on the operational efficiency of commercial banks. The developed AMVS can be adapted to other real-estate processes such as mortgage quality control or appraisal review, loss mitigation analysis, portfolio valuation and appraisal process redesign.


  • Zero Trace Procurement (ZTP): This partnership is in the process of undertaking an exciting two-year project to design and build risk management algorithms that mitigate the risk associated with open energy market positions for UK and multi-national businesses. The product (KIVEEV) engages stakeholders from multiple countries and aggregate risk reporting to a single reporting facility. Recently, the project partners won the ‘2019 Broker Initiative of the Year Award’ at the ‘2019 The Energy Awards’ for the development of the KIVEEV tool.