Centre for Critical International Law

A University of Kent research centre

The Centre for Critical International Law (CeCIL) at Kent aims to foster critical approaches to the field of international law, and other areas of law that touch upon global legal problems, through promoting collaboration and exchange at KLS and within the broader scholarly community.

Based at Kent’s Canterbury campus, the Centre offers an annual programme of activities for KLS students as well as a speaker and films series, workshops designed to engage scholars based at other institutions, and an annual lecture addressing emerging themes in critical scholarship in the field of international law. CeCIL also strives to engage students, scholars and practitioners interested in the critical study of international law around the world through developing collaborations and joint research efforts.

Research and teaching in international law at Kent begins from the premise that international law is not apolitical, and that its political ideology reflects the interests of powerful states and other actors. Through their research and teaching, Canterbury and Brussels-based staff place international law into the contexts of history and political theory and extend its reach into international relations. A number of staff also engage in the practical application of international law through litigation, training, research and consultancies for international organisations, NGOs and states.

Current and past activities of the Centre have focused on key themes in critical international legal scholarship, including the production of victimhood in and through international legal frameworks and interventions, and economic and social rights in the neoliberal age. You can follow CeCIL activities and news through our social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter.