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Centre for Architecture and Sustainable Environment

CASE research centre

The Centre for Architecture and Sustainable Environment (CASE) aims to promote research in the field of sustainable design regionally, nationally and internationally.

Its research focus encompasses different aspects and scales of the sustainable built environment from the individual building to the urban block.  Our research is at the forefront of developments in the areas of thermal comfort, climate change adaptation, environmental performance of buildings and urban spaces, and the historical and cultural dimension of environmental design.

The Centre has received significant external funding from various bodies, including EPSRC, AHRC, TSB, HLF, HEA, as well as local government and specialised consultancy. Members have also received funding from WIMEK from Netherlands, Ministry of Education of China, University of Moratuwa, and the British Council.

CASE has extended laboratory infrastructure for environmental monitoring in the built environment and specialised software. Its capabilities include undertaking thermal imaging surveys, monitoring of microclimatic conditions and other weather data in different operational contexts, along with lighting studies.

Our team’s research interests include:

  • sustainable building design
  • building performance and energy efficiency
  • climate change adaptation
  • thermal comfort in complex environments
  • occupant perception and use of space
  • natural ventilation in complex spaces
  • urban microclimate and environmental diversity
  • history of environmental design and technology
  • environmental behaviour of historic structures

Our PhD students are currently working on the following topics:

  • Thermal comfort in different climatic contexts
  • Environmental performance of vernacular architecture
  • Environmental diversity in urban spaces
  • Urban wind comfort
  • Fault lines on the road to more sustainable buildings
  • Passivhaus

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