What happens if you choose to participate in a study?

If you decide to take part in one of our studies, we will give you full details of what the study involves (e.g. where it is, how long it will take, etc). We will then agree a convenient date and time to meet.

Prior to your appointment, we will send you a confirmation of the appointment, along with some directions to find us on the day. These can be sent by post if you would prefer.

What happens on the day of your study?

Once you arrive we will remind you what is going to happen during the session and you’ll be given a consent form to sign before the study begins.

Most of our studies take about 1 hour to complete- we will give you exact information on the length of the study before you arrive. The experimenter will be in contact with you at all times during the session, and you can choose to leave at any time if you feel uncomfortable.

You are also welcome to bring a friend or family member with you. We have a comfortable cafe that they can relax in, or they can stay with us while you take part in the experiment.

What happens after I’ve taken part?

When the study is over, we will explain the purpose of the study and answer any of your questions. We can then help to guide you out of the university. Depending on the study, you might receive payment for taking part. This will be agreed in advance.

All of your details and any data collected will be completely confidential, and your name will not be used in any reports.

At the end of each project, we will be happy to share the results, and any resulting publications, with you.