Portrait of  Luke Cornwell

Luke Cornwell

PhD Student
Thesis Title: Development of a New Space Dust and Debris Detector


After studying for his BSc and MSc in physics at Kent, Luke Cornwell joined CAPS in 2020, starting his PhD in planetary and space science. Luke is a member of the Global Network On sustainability In Space (GNOSIS), he became a fellow of the royal astronomical society in winter 2020, and is also a teaching assistant, and academic ambassador and mentor.

Research interests

Luke has always had a passion for research and especially space science, which is reflected in his current research interest in space dust and debris. His current research, funded by the University of Kent and GNOSIS, is on the development of new space dust and debris detectors capable of monitoring the space dust and debris populations in earth’s orbit in real time and improving the sustainability of space. To do this he makes use of the university’s hypervelocity impact facility, which is capable of replicating space impacts at velocities in excess of a few Km/s.


Last updated 23rd September 2023