Group Seminars 2023-24

Programme of Group Talks for Spring Term 2024

16th JanuaryKLT2 & Teams16:00Duncan MifsudChemistry in Space: My PhD at Kent and Beyond
23rd JanuaryKLT2 & Teams16:00Jon TandyImpacts
30th JanuaryKLT2 & Teams16:00Nigel MasonLunar exploration and exploitation – The next leap forward for humanity
6th FebruaryKLT2 & Teams16:00Dan Le CorreDetecting and Analysing Lava Tubes at the Moon’s Poles with Deep Learning
13th FebruaryKLT2 & Teams16:00Allie CorriganTemperature-controlled Brine Chemistry
20th FebruaryKLT2 & Teams16:00Matthew DickersThin Film Ice Formation in the Interstellar Medium
27th FebruaryKLT2 & Teams16:00Tanveer BhachuMHD jets
5th MarchKLT2 & Teams16:00Iv GrozdanovaInvestigating High Mass Star formation through Spectral Line Data
12th MarchKLT2 & Teams16:00Jess WillsFluorescent PAHs in High Velocity Impact Experiments
19th MarchKLT2 & Teams16:00Carl RichardsSimulations of Energy Pulsed Over-Pressure Jets: flow patterns and feedback into the environment
26th MarchKLT2 & Teams16:00Holly Stokes-Geddes & Chiara Francesca KawohlTBC
2nd AprilKLT2 & Teams16:00Jonathon CousinsTBC

Programme of Group Talks for Summer Term 2024

7th MayKS17 & Teams16:00Ben RyanCharacterization of Young Stellar Objects by Clustering Techniques
14th MayKS17 & Teams16:00Steven CoburnStar formation in the Outer Galaxy
21th MayKS17 & Teams16:00Klaudia CielinskaTBC
28th MayKS17 & Teams16:00Lorraine PaineDistribution of Dense Gas in the Outer Galaxy
4th JuneKS17 & Teams16:00Adjija BhowmickTBC
13th JuneKS17 & Teams16:00Jessie PhillpotTBC

Programme of Group Talks for Autumn Term 2023

19th September (Welcome Week)KS17 & Teams16:00
26th SeptemberKS14 & Teams16:00Dirk FroebrichUpdate on Beacon Observatory Activities
3rd OctoberKS14 & Teams16:00Megan BellReport on Space School and Future Planning
10th OctoberSibson LT3 & Teams16:00Dr Dennis HarriesSpace Resources Research at ESRIC: At the intersection of Planetary Science, Engineering and Business Development.
17th OctoberKS14 & Teams16:00Heidy Quitian-LaraEncouraging STEM careers in Latin America through astronomy education and outreach
24th OctoberKS14 & Teams16:00Michael SmithShock patterns in high-pressure jets
31st OctoberKS14 & Teams16:00Ash PatelTriple SCOTCH: Summary of Project Results
7th NovemberKS14 & Teams16:00Matthias van GinnekenThe discovery of new large airburst over Antarctica
14th NovemberKS14 & Teams16:00Luke CornwellSmall Particle Penetrations of Thin Kapton Films, the Search for Space Dust and Debris, and a Completed Thesis
21st NovemberKS14 & Teams16:00Dan HallattHow a laser can help clarify the space-weathered skin of an asteroid such as Ryugu
28th NovemberKS14 & Teams16:00Carys HerbertProperties and Evolution of Surface Spots on YSOs
5th DecemberKS14 & Teams16:00Ethan FinchMars System Rovers: Past, Present, and Future
12th DecemberKS14 & Teams16:00Reece WilkinsonThe Survivability and Evolution of Bacteria in Planetary Impacts