Portrait of  Alejandra Traspas-Muina

Alejandra Traspas-Muina

Completed MSc Student (2021)


Alejandra completed her MSc in 2021 and is now reading for a PhD at Queen Mary under the supervision of Dr Sergio Ioppolo.

Her MSc thesis title was “Survival of tardigrades in hyper-velocity impacts” and the results were published in a research article in the journal Astrobiology.

Research interests

Alejandra is currently investigating the physical and chemical processes of space relevant ices with the use of Large facilities and their unique capabilities. These facilities allow us to study in unprecedented detail the energetic and non-energetic processing these ices are exposed to and how these affects their chemistry. The research is focusing on the investigation of molecular complexity in space and its relation to the prebiotic origin of life on Earth, developing a systematic set of experiments with different amino acids like glycine and alanine.

For more up to date details take a look at her QM webpage.

Last updated 27th October 2021