Women in Supramolecular Chemistry Network.

Supporting equality and diversity within the chemical sciences

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Run by the community for the community

Supramolecular chemistry sits at the interface of materials science, biochemistry, surface science, catalysis, colloidal and synthetic chemistry. However, despite the scale and scientific diversity of this interdisciplinary community, there is a significant lack of retention and career progression for women across the chemical sciences when compared to other STEM disciplines (RSC).

We want to change this, with WISC–an international intervention.

We want to create a sense of international community, and provide subject-specific mentoring to support independent research.

Our overall aim is to develop an international community of supramolecular chemistry researchers, and to produce a flagship network that will increase diversity within the global supramolecular chemistry community, with a specific initial focus to increase the proportion of women employed within science post-PhD. Our initial focus on women will allow us to concentrate our activities on supporting women through the issues that disproportionately affect this demographic, whilst allowing them to be open to all marginalised groups.

For further information please feel free to download our pdf WISC in overview 2019 document, or visit our recently published blog at Bionow!

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