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SoCoBio (Universities of Southampton, Kent, Sussex, Portsmouth and NIAB EMR)

Structure-function analysis of synthetic vesicle formation.

Primary Supervisor: Professor Syma Khalid (University of Southampton)
Professor Dan Mulvihill (University of Kent)
Dr Chris Lennon (Fujifilm-Diosynth)

Project Summary

CASE Studentship
The isolation of recombinant proteins from cultures is a major challenge to protein biochemists. We have developed a novel system that utilises the expression of a short 38 residue polypeptide that drives the formation of recombinant vesicles from E.coli. We can target recombinant proteins into the vesicles, which can be rapidly isolated from active cultures allowing simple and efficient protein purification. In this project we will undertake structural modelling to understand the molecular basis of this synthetic membrane reorganisation system. With this information we will model and test new iterations of the vesicle inducing peptide in both academic and industrial research contexts.