Signature research themes

The University of Kent was founded as a community of scholars working across disciplinary boundaries to find answers to diverse and complex challenges. The aim of the Signature Research Themes is to reinvest in that idea as part of the strategy for the 60th anniversary of the foundation in 2025.

These themes underline a commitment to a creative and constructive university. They make it possible for everyone at Kent to build research communities of strength that reflect our identity and provide our researchers with the environment and networks to ask and answer some of society’s biggest questions. All the themes are forward looking and dynamic, building on our record of rigorous, innovative, and socially engaged research. They are creating an environment that facilitates working across disciplinary boundaries, increases our ambitions for attracting external income and enables us to form meaningful partnerships outside the University. The Signature Research Themes are academic designed and led and are embedded at the heart of our research strategy.

The themes below are those shortlisted from this process.