The Serpell Group

Supramolecular Chemistry of Macromolecules

Paper in Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences: molecular mechanisms of adipogenesis

Bilal, PhD student with Dr Wong Eng Hwa (Talyor’s University), has put together an in-depth review… Read more

Paper in Biomolecular Concepts: using tip convolution to improve AFM resolution

Liisa’s paper is out now in Biomolecular Concepts! How to use tip convolution in AFM in… Read more

Paper in ChemComm: programmed self-assembly of sequence defined polymers

Nadeema’s work on determining sequence/self-assembly relationships is now out in ChemComm!

Postdoc position: GCRF/EPSRC funded work on liver cancer in Viet Nam

I’ve got a PDRA position open – join our team tackling liver cancer in Viet Nam… Read more

Preprint: using tip convolution to improve AFM resolution

Tip convolution is usually seen as a problem in AFM, but Liisa and Wei-Feng Xue have… Read more

Preprint: amyloid nanomorphometry

Liisa’s AFM work has contributed towards this fantastic BioRxiv preprint on quantification of amyloid 3D structure… Read more

Paper in ChemMedChem: metal complexes and ligands in resistant cancer cell lines

Sam, working with Barry Blight (UNB) and Martin Michaelis (Kent Biosciences), has been looking into structure-activity… Read more

Preprint: Controlled Release of Ibuprofen from Polymeric Nanoparticles

Sara’s work with Stefano Biagini and myself is now up – she’s made some really nice… Read more