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Research Policy and Support

Impact Accelerator Accounts (IAAs) at Kent


Following our outstanding results in REF 2021, which saw Kent rise 11 places to 38th in the national rankings for research quality, we are delighted to be among only 50 universities in the UK to have secured funding from UKRI’s Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) scheme. This IAA funding awarded to Kent by the AHRC, BBSRC and MRC will enable researchers across large parts of the University to be supported to achieve even greater real-world impact

Professor Shane Weller
Deputy V C Research and Innovation

Our Impact Accelerator Accounts strategic plan:

Our strategic plan for the Impact Acceleration Accounts prioritises investment in people (both at UoK and in the region); in forming value-adding, multi-lateral partnerships; and in enhancing access to physical spaces to support all levels of research and innovation (from basic science through to user adoption).

In  summary,  activities  include:

  • providing  mentors  to  early  career  researchers
  • offering specialised training and development on maximising impact
  • providing residencies and placements within and beyond the University
  • enabling more academic buy-out
  • providing opportunities for network  development  and  wider  stakeholder  engagement.

We  will  create  innovative  Urban Rooms to provide a   mechanism   for industry   partnerships on environmental   urban   planning consultancy and projects and will increase access to our Light Gas Gun Laboratory for a wide range of  stakeholders.

There will be a sustained emphasis on supporting  impactful  activities with communities, local government, and SMEs in North Kent, the Thames Estuary and areas of coastal deprivation to  improve  cultural  and  educational  inclusion, boost  economic  value, and  improve quality  of  life.

We  will  also  leverage  our academic,  industrial, and  public  sector  networks  via  the ARC KSS clinical network to drive solutions in health and social care.