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How to Drift

Friday 9 - Saturday 10 June, 2017

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Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow

350 Sauchiehall Street
Glasgow G2 3JD
United Kingdom
Tel +44 (0)141 352 4900




Friday 9 June

16.00-16.30      Introductions: Francis McKee (director, CCA), Christian Biet (Université de Paris-Nanterre), Clare Finburgh (University of Kent), Carl Lavery (University of Glasgow)

16.30-17.30      Corin Sworn with Jer Reid and Kai-Wen ChuangPolarity Boxing (dance)

17.30-18.30      David Pinder, “Unchaining cities: la dérive: sixty years on”  (presentation)

18.30-19.30      Emilio López-Menchero, Claquettes européennes/European Tap Dance (performance and presentation)

20.00 End

Saturday 10 June

11.00-12.00      Lisa Robertson (performed talk)

12.00-12.45      Scott Myles and Dominic Paterson, Ice Repose Guy Debord (visual art)

12.45-14.00      Lunch

14.00-15.00      Graeme Miller, Counterpointer (performance)

15.00-16.00      Lynne Friedli,  “‘I’d prefer not to’ Drifting, resisting, sabotage: the tactics of work refusal in contemporary political struggles” (talk)

16.00-16.30      Tea

16.30-17.30      Cathy Turner, “Adrift in India” (talk)

17.30-18.30      Round Table Discussion (artists and speakers)

18.30-19.00      Break

19.00-20.00      Lone Twin, Walk With Me, Walk With Me, Will Somebody Please Walk With Me  (performance)


Lynne Friedli, activiste et chercheuse, Londres
Lone Twin, artistes performeurs, Royaume-Uni
Emilio López-Menchero, artiste et performeur, Bruxelles
Graeme Miller, artiste et performeur, Londres
Scott Myles/Dominic Paterson, artistes plasticiens, Glasgow
David Pinder, universitaire, Danemark
Lisa Robertson, poète, France
Corin Sworn/Jer Reid/ Kai-Wen Chuang, artistes, Glasgow
Cathy Turner, universitaire, Exeter