For specific queries about your responsibilities, talk to your relevant Grants & Contracts Officer. 

Principal Investigators (PI)

  • You are responsible for managing the project, including
    • Undertaking the programme of research according to the contract / proposal
    • Managing and monitoring the project budget
    • Complying with the Data Protection Act, and ensure everyone working on the project complies with the Act
    • Alert us to any material changes in the project as soon as possible. This may include the resignation of researcher, the need for project extension, or a delay or difficulty in reaching project milestones
    • Ensure all contractual matters are dealt with by us
    • Alert Kent Innovation & Enterprise to any intellectual property rights with commercial potential arising from the project as soon as possible.
  • You are responsible for managing staff on the project, including
    • Involving any Co-Is in the work of the project
    • Managing any project research staff, including contractual arrangements. You should not let researchers arrange their own extension, salary point etc
    • Managing the work of any consultants or sub-contractors used on the project
    • Ensuring that all staff, students and external consultants or sub-contractors are familiar with and comply with relevant University policies and procedures, and the funder’s terms and conditions

Co-investigators (Co-I) 

  • You are responsible for supporting the PI in carrying out the project and
  • Taking on the responsibilities of the PI if the PI is unable to continue with the project as planned.

Both Principal Investigators (PI) and Co-investigators (Co-I) 

You should make yourselves familiar and comply with

  • Relevant University policies and procedures, including obtaining ethical approval for any necessary work
  • The funder’s terms and conditions.

In case of conflict, the funder’s terms and conditions over-ride the University financial procedures and regulations.