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For specific queries about stating a project, talk to your relevant Grants & Contracts Officer. 


As soon as you receive notification of the award, please send us:

  • The notification of the award, and any unsigned contracts/agreements
  • A copy of your application (if we do not already have it), including details of the costs of the project by category
  • Confirmation of your start date. The start date of a Research Council award will normally be when work starts on the project. We are required to notify them of this by submitting a starting certificate.


We will then set up a form called an ‘Announcement’. Here is an example (pdf). It shows:

  • the investigator(s)
  • the funder
  • start and end dates
  • the budget (broken down by year if appropriate) showing the different cost categories. Some funders may allow you to move (or ‘vire’) between these categories.

The announcement will be used to set up a specific account code for the project in our financial system, Agresso. The code is made up of:

  • a 3 digit number for your school;
  • a 5 digit number for your project.

Next Steps

We will send you copies of the Announcement, together with the terms and conditions (or ‘contract’) for the project. We will also send these to your Head of School, your School Administrator and your Dean.

Please read these carefully. The contract may include confidentiality agreements, procedures to approve publications in advance, and so on.

If you do not receive a copy of these, please contact Sue Prout who will send you a copy.