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Understanding how to ‘spend’ your grant may take a little time, but your relevant Accounts Officer can help.

Essentially, grants are paid in arrears. Thus, you need to spend and then claim it back from the funder through us. However, before you do anything, you need to get the ‘Announcement’ from us as this gives you the ‘budget codes’ you need in order to make a claim.

The codes are made up of the following

  • The first four digits show the category of expenditure (equipment, travel etc). Normally you can only spend your budget in the categories set out in the Announcement and the terms and conditions of the funder
  • The next three digits show the cost centre/school
  • The final five digits are the project number.

Please quote the project number when contacting us.

Making an Expenses Claim

To make a claim on your grant, you will need to use the online Expenses system via Staff Connect.  Please note that when using the expenses claim form, you will be able to access all of the codes available for Research Projects, but you must refer to your announcement and use the budget line there to which you wish the expense to be applied. Expenses must be claimed within the University’s personal expenditure policy and the terms and conditions of the funder.

For claimants for personal expenses who are not University of Kent employees please use the REX1 form, below. Before doing so, have a look at the University’s Employee Personal Expenditure Policy (pdf).Each project should use a separate REX1, unless the cost has been incurred to a number of projects, and is being evenly split between them.

All original receipts must be attached to the claim form including any applicable exchange rates (uploaded/scanned copies required for online expenses).

In addition, be aware of the general guidance on employee personal expenditure policy (doc), which reinforces and clarifies the financial management of research and innovation projects.

Cost Categories

Normally you can only spend your budget in the categories set out in the Announcement and the terms and conditions of the funder.

  • Broadly, any staff costs are automatically deducted from your budget.
  • Equipment can generally not be bought before an award is made. However, you can do so for European projects if the equipment costs less than £5k, and for Research Council projects between the date on the award letter and the formal start date. Equipment under £5k is not depreciated and should be treated as a consumable. It should be coded to Account Code 5270. In addition it is written off in the year of acquisition. All other equipment is capitalised at cost.
  • Finally, consumables should only be charged to the project for which they are used. Cross-subsidising can lead to confusion.