What is Researchfish used for?

Principal Investigators (PIs), who hold an award from a funder who uses Researchfish, must report on the outcomes, outputs and impact of their research annually.  Funders gather this information to measure the pathways to impact of research they have funded. This information must be submitted using Researchfish.

Why is it important to report to Researchfish?

Research funders will want to know about the various activities undertaken at all stages of the research project.  Outcome and outputs data will be analysed to identify impact, which will be reported to internal and external stakeholders, and supports University of Kent researchers obtaining future funding.  The gathered data are made available via Gateway to Research.

Some funders will impose sanctions, where their standard terms and conditions for Researchfish reporting are not met by award holders, which could prevent PIs from applying for future funding.

When should submissions be made to Researchfish?

Outcomes can be recorded at any time throughout the year.  However, the annual fixed submission period varies according to each funder.  The funder will email each PI to inform them of forthcoming submission periods.  During this period each PI must log into Researchfish and, when all information is complete, press the Submit button.

If there are no research outcomes to report, login and add “not applicable this year”, for all mandatory questions required by funders on each grant.   Once complete press Submit within the submission period.

This will ensure you are complying with funder requirements.

How to register with Researchfish?

Funders will email the PI directly about joining ResearchFish with a link to create an account and associate it with the award.

Get help with Researchfish

The University’s contact for Researchfish is Josie Caplehorne. Contact her for help in understanding the system or making a submission.