At the end of a grant most funders will want to know how you spent your grant. Others will want information about outputs and impact from it. If your research falls within the Research Governance Framework (RGF), you will also need to notify us about your findings and publications using an End of Project Notification Form.

We can help with this. For help with the budget, contact your relevant Accounts Officer. For help with RGF, contact the Ethics & Governance Officer. For help with outputs on Researchfish, contact Sue Prout.

Research Councils

For Research Councils we must submit a financial expenditure statement and final report.

Where expenditure differs from the total sum awarded within a particular category by more than 20% we will need to explain why in the final report.

If we don’t submit the report within three months, the Research Council will seek to recover 20% of the total award. If we don’t submit it within six months they will seek to recover all of the award.

In addition, the Research Councils want details of all outcomes from their funded projects. These should be submitted via Researchfish.

European Commission

You should review your expenditure against budgets during the last three months of the project to make sure that the projected final expenditure in pounds is in line with the euros awarded. Contact your relevant Accounts Officer for help with this.

Claims must be received by the Commission via the project coordinator within 45 calendar days of the end of the reporting claim period.