We publish a termly newsletter, Research Active. It provides details of all the grants that have been won that term, insights into those who have received funding, but also an overview of what’s happening in the external funding environment.

April 2019

The latest is available here.

In this edition:

  • GCRF Conference 2019: Plans for our annual July conference, and how you can take part
  • GCRF Workshops: The workshops we funded in the lead up to the conference
  • Signature Research Themes: The next steps in the development of the University’s themes
  • The B Word: The latest on what Brexit means to researchers in the UK
  • An introduction to Kent’s new academics, with a summary of their areas of research
  • Strategic Grants: How we plan to assess and support applications to schemes where the funder limits the number we can submit
  • What Lies Beneath: An overview of the £7bn National Productivity Investment Fund, which is behind a number of recent strategic funding schemes
  • GCRF Network Plus: A different kind of funding, which acts as a ‘hub’ for smaller projects
  • Research and Innovation Awards: How to apply to this year’s competition
  • Eastern ARC: Past, present and future
  • Academic Freedom Policy: the draft policy that aims to safeguard individual freedom of inquiry
  • REF Code of Practice: a consultation on the draft CoP is about to be launched
  • A full list of research awards secured by staff at the University, Jan-March 2019
  • Details of who to contact in Research Services about what
  • The Back Pages: some light relief from Research Fundermentals.

Past editions of Research Active are available here.

Photo by Anders Nord on Unsplash