Getting constructive feedback on your funding application before submitting it greatly increases your chances of success. Not only is it good practice, but some funders demand it. Kent Peer Review can help with this.

What applications need to go through the system?

  • Research council applications; OR
  • First substantial applications to an external funder (or applications to specific first grant schemes); OR
  • Large grants. The threshold for these is based on the total amount being requested, and differs between faculties:
    • Humanities: over £100k;
    • Social Sciences: over £200k;
    • Sciences: over £300k.

How do I get my application reviewed?

  • Complete the ‘Basic Project Information’ section on the KRIMSON ‘Project Application’ page for your proposal
  • Click ‘yes’ to the question ‘peer review required’
  • Choose the Research Development Officer relevant to your Faculty as follows:
    • Humanities: Michelle Secker
    • Social Sciences: Dr Sarah Tetley
    • Sciences:
      • GCRF, Newton & EU: Dr Monika Struebig
      • All other funding: Dr Helen Leech

You can leave the rest to us. Your Research Development Officer will be alerted to your proposal, and will be in touch to suggest the most appropriate reviewer for it from the University’s Peer Review College.