The University has a number internal funding schemes to help academics develop networks, prepare large and complex grant applications, engage the public with their research and meet the costs of gold Open Access publishing. Speak to Phil Ward initially for advice on these.

DVC’s Partnership Fund

The DVC’s Partnership Fund aims to support the development of collaborations within and beyond Europe, particularly in support of the Global Challenges Research Fund and Framework Funding.

There is no upper limit to the funding that can be requested. Grants from the Fund will cover the cost of travel and subsistence for the first two years of the partnership. The application process is straightforward, and bids can be submitted at any time. More details here.

Funding to Meet Global Challenges

The Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) is a £1.5 billion fund to support cutting-edge research that addresses the challenges faced by ODA recipient countries.

As part of our overall GCRF strategy and in order to facilitate partnerships with colleagues in these countries, we have established three funding streams.

  • GCRF Partnership Fund. This is intended to forge relationships and develop projects, regardless of whether these lead on to funding applications in the immediate future. There are three deadlines each year, and you can apply for up to £15,000. More details here.
  • GCRF Workshops Fund. We host an annual GCRF Conference. This year’s will focus on ‘resilience’, and we will provide funding for workshops that will feed into this. More details here.
  • GCRF Fortuity Fund. We recognise that opportunities may arise that were not necessarily planned, but present an opportunity to make links, to undertake research and to build networks that may lead to significant benefit for the DAC list countries. Such opportunities often need a small amount of funding quickly to facilitate the activity. The aim of the GCRF Fortuity Fund is to meet this need. More details here

Large & Complex Grants Fund

The Large and Complex Grants Fund is intended to offset some of the costs of putting together collaborative projects for prestigious schemes.These may be the time spent by applicants, travel and subsistence costs to meet collaborators, or funding for pilot projects.

The scheme is intended to be flexible and straightforward and, as with the DVC’s Partnership Fund, there is no upper limit to the funding that can be requested. More details here.

Public Engagement with Research (PER) Fund

We are committed to embedding public engagement with research across the University, and to encourage high quality, innovative and effective activities with high impact. The PER Fund can cover the cost of communicating research activity and outcomes; listening to public views and concerns; and involving the public as researchers.

You can apply for up to £2,000, and there is no disciplinary limit. More details here.

Article Processing Charge (APC) Fund

We support the principles and objectives of Open Access and Open Science. Ideally, this should be Green Open Access, but we support Gold Open Access where appropriate. For this, there is a limited fund that will offset the article processing charges incurred. It is open to both staff and postgraduate students, and more details are available here.

 Faculty Research Funds

In addition, each Faculty has a small fund to support research, as follows:

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