We are divided into four teams, with an Ethics and Governance Officer providing support across all these teams. Responsibilities are as follows:

  • The Research Development Team is responsible for the development of the research culture more broadly, providing training, facilitating collaborations, and work with academics to ensure that their ideas are developed into fully fledged viable proposals.
  • The Research Grants and Contracts Team deals with the contracts, costing, approval and submission of grants.
  • The Research Accounts Team looks after post-award accounts, claims, auditing and reporting.
  • The Research Excellence Team supports and monitors the REF, ORCID, Public Engagement and Research Impact, as well as the systems supporting Research Management, such as KRIMSON, SciVal and Vertigo Ventures.

All our details are below. If you’re unsure who to contact you can search here


Director's Office

Simon Kerridge


Overall leadership of Research Services, external benchmarking, open access, advocacy

(01227 82)3229 DirectorofResearchServices@kent.ac.uk
Andrew Massoura

Deputy Director

CHSS and Arts

(01227 82)3256 a.n.massoura@kent.ac.uk
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Research Development Assistant

(01227 82)4427 Directorofresearchservices@kent.ac.uk


Helen Leech

Research Development Officer


(01634 88)8850 h.leech@kent.ac.uk

Research Development Officer


(01227 82)4799 M.L.Secker@kent.ac.uk

Research Development Officer

Sciences: GCRF, European funding, the Newton Fund

m.s.struebig@kent.ac.uk (01227 82)7957
Sarah Tetley

Research Development Officer

Social Sciences

(01227 8)16423 s.r.tetley-8@kent.ac.uk

Grants & Contracts

Andrew Massoura

Deputy Director

CHSS and Arts

(01227 82)3256 a.n.massoura@kent.ac.uk
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Deputy Research Grants and Contracts Manager

Economics, KLS, EDA, PSSRU and SMSAS

(01227 82) 4203 j.benstead@kent.ac.uk
Karen Allart Research Grants & Contracts Officer

Research Grants & Contracts Officer

Computing, Pharmacy, Sports, Journalism, Music & Fine Art & SECL

(01634 88)8967 k.a.allart@kent.ac.uk
Chris Barton Research Grants & Contracts Officer

Research Grants & Contracts Officer

Biosciences, SAC, SSPSSR, Psychology, and Architecture

(01227 82)3789 c.barton-738@kent.ac.uk
Jo Verrall

Research Grants & Contracts Officer

My role As Grants & Contracts Officer I support Schools with the accurate costing and submission…

01227 82(4624) j.j.verrall@kent.ac.uk
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Research Grants & Contracts Officer

English, History, KBS, POL IR, SPS and Tizard

(01227 82)4132 r.j.whiteing-59@kent.ac.uk
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Research Grants Coordinator

(01227 82)4575 f.a.pryor@kent.ac.uk
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Research Development Assistant

(01227 82)4427 (01227 82)4427 A.E.Gilbert@kent.ac.uk


Nigel Martin

Research Accounts Manager

Sports & Exercise Sciences, Pharmacy, Complex projects - strategic lead, Research Finance Network, audits, Green and Lean project

(01227 8)16448 n.t.d.martin@kent.ac.uk

Deputy Research Accounts Manager

The School of Anthropology and Conservation and The School of Politics and International Relations

(01227 82)3882 l.k.maling@kent.ac.uk

Research Projects Finance Assistant

Interreg projects

A.H.Boaler-29@kent.ac.uk (01227 82) 7938

Research Accounts Officer


(01227 82)3765 s.a.clemmey@kent.ac.uk
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Research Accounts Officer

Biosciences and Engineering and Digital Arts

(01227 82)16750 d.keshavarz@kent.ac.uk

Research Accounts Officer

CHSS, History, Arts, English, UELT and non-faculty staff.

(01227 82)3067 d.a.kubicz-macauley@kent.ac.uk
James Manning

Research Costing & Accounting Officer

(01227 82)4616 j.manning@kent.ac.uk
Ben Obembe

Research Accounts Officer

Computing, Economics, Psychology, KBS, KLS, Architecture, Journalism, SMSAS

(01227 82)4800 b.obembe-92@kent.ac.uk

Ethics & Governance

Research Ethics & Governance Officer

Policy, procedures and approval of research that involves ethics and governance issues

(01227 82)4797 n.r.palmer@kent.ac.uk


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Research Excellence Manager

(01227 82)7350 b.woessner@kent.ac.uk
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Research Impact & Public Engagement Manager

(01227 82)16794 m.r.bell@kent.ac.uk
Silvia Dobre

Research Information Manager

Research information analysis and benchmarking, particularly in support of the REF

(01227 8)16727 s.c.dobre@kent.ac.uk
Renata McDonnell

Research Information Systems Manager

Systems for supporting research, including KRIMSON, pFACT, Vertigo Ventures and SciVal.

(01227 82)3190 r.mcdonnell@kent.ac.uk
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REF Support Officer (on a maternity leave)

(01227 82)6595 c.perera@kent.ac.uk

REF Impact Officer

My role As REF Impact Officer, I contribute to the development of a research impact culture at…

01227 (82) 4225

REF Impact Officer

As a REF Impact Officer, I contribute to the development of the University of Kent’s portfolio…

01227 (8)16849
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REF Support officer (maternity cover)

My background: I have worked in HE for nearly 15 years in everything from Admissions, Wellbeing,…

01227 8 (16356) J.Fletcher-482@kent.ac.uk
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REF Support Officer (until December 2020)

(01227 82)6595 J.Messenger@kent.ac.uk