For specific queries about appointing staff, talk to your relevant Grants & Contracts Officer. 

Appointing Staff

When staff are appointed to externally funded research grants we need to confirm that there is sufficient funding to cover their appointment and that it complies with any conditions of the award. As well as this, Human Resources (HR) will want to check that salary level and terms of the post are appropriate to the duties expected.

To help us with this, please fill in one of the following and send it back to us:

  • To advertise for a new member of staff (RO1 form): Word or pdf
  • To appoint a new member of staff (R02 form): Word or pdf
  • To extend the contract of a member of staff (RO3 form): Word or pdf.

If the project allows for the cost of existing staff to work on the project (such as a percentage of academic, technical or clerical time), this will be dealt with through a journal transfer. Finance will handle this and may contact you or your school administrator.

Resignation of Researchers

If a member of your team leaves in the middle of the project there is a danger that you won’t be able to undertake the work that you set out in your original application. Do let us know if you think that this is likely to happen, as the funder will need to be told.

Resignation of the Principal Investigator (PI)

If the PI leaves the University during a funded project, a co-investigator will normally take charge of the project and see it to completion. If there is no co-investigator, your head of school will be asked if there is anyone else in the school who can take over.

If not, and the PI is moving to another university, it may be possible to transfer the award. Such a transfer must be approved in advanced by the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research and Innovation).