The University recognises and safeguards the principle of academic freedom. In its Charter, it states that ‘academic staff of the University have freedom within the law both to question and test received wisdom and to put forward ideas and controversial or unpopular opinions without putting themselves at risk of losing their jobs by virtue of such ideas or opinions, or any privileges, which they may enjoy at the University.’


To ensure that this principle is upheld, we are currently drafting an Academic Freedom Policy. This will be available on this page once it has been approved by Senate in the autumn.

Practical support

In the meantime if you are experiencing hostile reactions to your work, we have a number of people and services who can help you. We have summarised these in this document (Word).

Further information

If you have specific questions, contact one of the following, who can help you find the support you need.


Photo by Miguel Henriques on Unsplash