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Public Engagement through Research

Engaging with the public

From our award winning Law clinic to collaborating with the University of the Third Age, the University of Kent is committed to engaging with the public.

We aim to maximise the positive impact our research can have on society and, in particular, our local communities. Our goal is to be embedded and invested in our region, and to help Kent thrive.

Public engagement is not a one-way conversation. It is about collaboration, dialogue, innovation, and team work. Whether you are a senior academic, an early stage researcher or a public engagement professional, I encourage you to think creatively about the world around you and how we can apply academic research to make it better. Browse through the web pages. Generate ideas. Make connections with the wider community and innovate.

By engaging together, we can contribute positively to our local communities and accomplish things that will be mutually beneficial to all of us.

Sharing the benefits of our research with the public

These web pages are for members of the public looking to find out how to get involved with our research. They also hold information for researchers at Kent on support for engagement practice.

The University of Kent has a long history of sharing the benefits of its research with people outside of the institution. We call this ‘Public Engagement with Research’ (PER). It can include sharing research knowledge, asking the public what we should be researching and how, and inviting the public to work with us on our projects.

We believe that public knowledge, perspectives and experience are key to ensuring that our research leads to real benefit and is relevant to society. Our commitment to public engagement reflects an enhanced emphasis on our civic role; delivering social, educational, cultural, public and economic benefits across Kent and Medway.

How can the public get involved with research at Kent?

  • Attendance at events and public lectures
  • Involvement through collaborations and partnerships

The University continues to build mutually beneficial relationships with local and regional organisations such as the Canterbury Cathedral and Canterbury & District University of the Third Age

  • Signing up to participate in research projects

For example by joining the Kent Adult Research Unit (KARU) mailing list for upcoming opportunities

If you have a particular interest in a subject area, you may find wish to contact a member of the Kent Public Engagement with Research Network to find out about current opportunities in that area.

If you are a member of the public who is interested in learning more about how you can get involved with research at the University as an individual or organisation, please feel free to contact us.