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Public Engagement through Research

Public Engagement

Sharing the benefits of research with our society

Public Engagement through Research

Kent is committed to engaging with all sectors of our region and we aim to maximise the positive impact our research can have on society and, in particular, our local communities. By engaging together, we can contribute positively to our local communities and accomplish things that will be mutually beneficial to all of us.

Public engagement is about collaboration, dialogue, innovation, and teamwork. Whether you are a senior academic, an early stage researcher or a public engagement professional, you are encouraged to think creatively about the world around you and how academic research can be applied to make it better.

A collaboration of University of Third Age and University of Kent


It’s really interesting to realise how cosmopolitan the University is and to find out exactly what’s going on. It’s been fascinating.

~ Visitor from the University of the Third Age

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Our academics have a passion for passing on their world-leading expertise via publications and the supervision of PhD students. They also work alongside organisations outside academia, from media outlets to research partners in industry.

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