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Louisa Salhi engages with U3A members by Matt Wilson

Community Research Hub

We are a research intensive school with a strategic goal to make our research accessible and relevant to the wider community.

We are committed to involving the public in the different stages of our research. Members of the community work with us to develop project ideas, set research questions, advise on the methods we apply,  participate in our studies, and spread the word about our findings.

We have citizen science collaborations where members of the community get involved in undertaking research. We also regularly work with charities and organisations to increase the impact of our research in society. Non-academics on our External Advisory Boards help us link our research more directly to real-world questions.

We enjoy hosting events such as our Science Open Day, Annual Lectures, Café Psychology talks and more formal adult education and continued professional development courses to share the results of our research.

See below for more on what we do and how you can help us.

Featured stories

We aim to make sure our research is relevant and responds to the issues that are important to our local public and communities.

We collaborate with a range of organisations to develop multi-disciplinary research programmes that span across several fields of study.

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Featured stories