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Migration in Global Politics

Migration in Global Politics

A University of Kent research group

Migration is one of the most politicised topics in the world, but the study of migration is a multi-faceted, dynamic and interdisciplinary field engaging with a range of topics. How and why do diaspora members engage politically in their countries of origin? What integration strategies do stigmatised and vulnerable migrant groups develop? What is, for instance, the impact of Islamophobia on Muslim migrants? How do states react to, and shape, migrant integration? What patterns of citizenship acquisition and renunciation can we identify? Researchers in this cluster study not only movement – migration – but also integration and, closely linked to integration, citizenship.

The research in this cluster focuses on:

  • Political engagement of diasporas in their countries of origin;
  • Identity formation of migrants and diasporas, both with respect to countries of origin and destination;
  • Migrant integration in countries of destination;
  • Migration as a survival strategy.