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Centre for Medieval & Early Modern Studies

MEMS Research Seminar Series – Spring Term 2020

Welcome to the Spring Term’s schedule of weekly Reseach Seminars, featuring work-in-progress by scholars and doctoral students at the University of Kent, as well as across the UK and internationally.
Seminars take place on Thursdays at 4.15pm in Darwin College, Lecture Theatre 1 (DLT1), unless otherwise stated.

Week 13

16 January The Chaucer Lecture *6PM* (Keynes Lecture Theatre 1) Prof Wendy Scase University of Birmingham Visible English: Scribal Practice, Graphic Culture & Identity

Week 14

23 January Paul Dryburgh The National Archives The Cross I bear: William Melton, archbishop of York, and the primacy of the English Church in the early fourteenth century

Week 15

30 January Matthijs Weiber University of Kent The Appendices to the Lex Romana Visigothorum: Three forensic case dossiers from the Late Roman period

Week 16

6 February Callan Davies University of Kent The Cultural Lives of the Middling Sort

Week 17

13 February Peter Good University of Kent Free Trade Agreements and Level Playing Fields in the Early Modern Indian Ocean

Week 18

20 February The MEMS PhD Experience **A conversational Q&A session”

Week 19

27 February The Renaissance Lecture *6PM* (The Templeman Lecture Theatre) Prof David Ekserdjian University of Leicester Raphael and his Sources

Week 20

5 March Nora Williams *4.15PM* (Tyler’s Kiln Pub) Independent Scholar “Who would believe me?”: Staging Early Modern Gendered Violence

Week 21

12 March The Anselm Lecture *6PM* (The Guildhall, Canterbury) Prof Nicholas Paul Fordham University “Tearing Away, With Bloodstained Hands, The Treasures of Babylon”: Violence, Value, and Virtue in the Crusading Experience

Week 22

19 March Jana Dambrogio & Daniel Starza Smith *4.15PM* (The AV Lecture Theatre, Cathedral Lodge at Canterbury Cathedral) MIT/ King’s College London Letterlocking

Week 23

26 March Suzanna Ivanic, Ben Marsh, and Sarah Craske University of Kent Healing Clay

Week 24

2 April **Ye olde MEMS Canterbury pilgrymage**