Portrait of Dr Kaori Nagai

Dr Kaori Nagai

Lecturer in Victorian Literature


Kaori Nagai has written on animals, especially in the context of the long nineteenth century, postcolonialism and maritime studies. She is the author of Imperial Beast Fables: Animals, Cosmopolitanism, and the British Empire (2020). She is also a founding member of the Kent Animal Humanities Network and edited a collection of essays entitled Cosmopolitan Animals (2015, chief editor) with five animal studies colleagues at Kent. Kaori held a Caird Short-Term Fellowship at the National Maritime Museum on the topic of sea-faring rats, from which emerged her edited collection, Maritime Animals: Ships, Species, Stories (2023). She is starting an AHRC-funded Networking Project called ‘Rethinking Fables in the Age of Global Environmental Crisis’ in June 2023.

Last updated 6th June 2023