Applications for externally- or self-funded PhD or MSc (research) positions are welcomed at any time through this portal. For postdoctoral positions within FMG, do get in touch with the relevant academic to discuss support for applying for external funds. We are keen to support applications including those for Rutherford Fellowships, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships, Newton mobility grantsRoyal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 Fellowships, or Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellowships, or other schemes which may be available to you.

Below are a sample of projects available within the group.

Ionic Conducting Frameworks for “Green” Energy Applications

The need to develop improved clean energy technologies to minimise the effects of climate change becomes… Read more

Designing Frameworks with Advanced Magnetic and Electronic Functions

Modern technologies need compounds that respond to electric or magnetic signals with more advanced function than… Read more

Unconventional superconductors: New Paradigms for New Materials

Superconductivity is a fascinating phenomenon in which electrons display macroscopic quantum coherence. It has many applications… Read more

Entanglement Phenomena in Quantum Magnets

Entanglement is one of the defining features of quantum theory and also one of the most… Read more

Magnetism, Superconductivity and Novel Quantum Order

In some materials in which the electrons have strong interactions, new quantum ordered states, including unconventional… Read more

Using Glass Ceramics to Make Nuclear Waste Safer

Nuclear power provides 30% of the electrical supply. At the end of the lifetime of nuclear… Read more

Magnetic ordering at surfaces from first principles

The understanding of magnetism in nanoscale objects is likely to be key to the future of… Read more

From micro- to meso-scale modelling of crystals with structural complexity

The modelling of complex materials from first principles, such as density functional theory, is often practically… Read more