A PhD studentship is available funded by the Rosetrees trust, led by Dr. Christopher Serpell in collaboration with Prof. Michelle Garrett (Kent Biosciences).

This project consists of the first steps in the development of a new platform to identify synthetic macromolecules which will eventually be used to block pathogenic protein-protein interactions which are key steps in diseases as diverse as cancer, HIV, Alzheimer’s, and cystic fibrosis. This involves the creation of perfectly sequence-defined polymers, which like proteins are capable of folding and molecular recognition. but are completely non-natural. In this project, the student will use these to address RAS, a protein which is overactive in 30% of cancers, but is as yet undruggable.

The student will receive diverse, cross-disciplinary training encompassing organic synthesis, protein expression and labelling, precision macromolecular synthesis and analysis, and flow cytometry, and will work in both the Schools of Physical Sciences and Biosciences within the University of Kent.

The post is open to non-UK/EU students, but they will have to cover the difference in fees. For more information contact Dr Serpell (C.J.Serpell@kent.ac.uk). Deadline TBC.