Functional Materials Group

School of Physical Sciences

The FMG is an interdisciplinary group carrying out research in a broad and diverse range of topics concerning the synthesis, characterization and modelling of functional materials, as exemplified by materials with useful optical, magnetic, catalytic, electronic and biomedical properties. The benefits of computer modelling and theory to augment experimental work are also exploited.



We work in areas including Quantum Materials and Magnetism, Energy Materials, Porous, Nanostructured and Amorphous Materials and Soft functional materials. Read more about our research.


The School of Physical Sciences has a wide range of state of the art equipment that the group use on a regular basis including a Rigaku Oxford Diffraction SuperNova A S2 single crystal diffractometer with both Cu and Mo X-Ray sources. Read more about our facilities.


As the largest group in the School of Physical Sciences, Our members come from a variety of backgrounds and have various research interests. Read more about our members.