Functional Materials Group

The FMG is an interdisciplinary group carrying out research in a broad and diverse range of topics concerning the synthesis, characterization and modelling of functional materials, as exemplified by materials with useful optical, magnetic, catalytic, electronic and biomedical properties. The benefits of computer modelling and theory to augment experimental work are also exploited.


Royal Society International Exchange funding

Dr Emma McCabe has just been awarded £4k to work with Dr Eric Bousquet of FRS-FNRS on the… Read more

Head of School of Physical Sciences job

The time for a new Head of School has come – see here for details.

Publication (Möller)

Stability of fractional Chern insulators in the effective continuum limit of Harper-Hofstadter bands with Chern number |C|>1… Read more

Publication (Mountjoy)

Thermal and structural investigations of xLi2O‐(1‐x) Bi2O3 (0.25≤ x≤ 0.35) glasses T Paul, G Mountjoy, A… Read more

Funded PhD position: Targeting the infectious potential of prion and prion-like pathogens

Targeting the infectious potential of prion and prion-like pathogens (fully funded for UK/EU candidates) A PhD… Read more

Funded PhD position: Drugging the Undruggable: A Survival-of-the-Fittest Strategy for Direct Targeting of Protein-Protein Interactions

A PhD studentship is available funded by the Rosetrees trust, led by Dr. Christopher Serpell in… Read more

Ionic Conducting Frameworks for “Green” Energy Applications

The need to develop improved clean energy technologies to minimise the effects of climate change becomes… Read more

Designing Frameworks with Advanced Magnetic and Electronic Functions

Modern technologies need compounds that respond to electric or magnetic signals with more advanced function than… Read more