Job market candidates

We regularly post Kent Economics PhD students here when they enter the job market. Please check back on a regular basis to see our latest candidates.

Chukwudi Dike

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Research fields: Behavioral Finance, Public Economics, Economics of Networks.

Job market paper: Strategic Substitution in Directed Networks


Professor Nizar Allouch, University of Kent
Dr Edward Cartwright, De Montford University
Professor Alastair Bailey, University of Kent

Nudrat Faria ShreyaNudrat Shreya

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Research fields: Development Economics, Empirical Microeconomics, Gender Economics, Household Decision-Making, Behavioural and Experimental Economics.

Job market paper: Are Two Sources of Credit better than One?: Credit Access and Debt among Microfinance Clients in Bangladesh


Dr Zaki Wahhaj, University of Kent
Dr Maria Garcia-Alonso, University of Kent
Professor Niaz Asadullah, University of Malaya

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