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One of the strengths of DICE is our fantastic network of members, honorary colleagues, students and alumni who work together to achieve the DICE mission.

DICE is part of the School of Anthropology and Conservation at the University of Kent. The full list of SAC staff can be found here.


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Alumni and Community Outreach Coordinator

Dr Bob Smith

Reader in Conservation Science, Director of DICE

R.J.Smith@kent.ac.uk - 01227 (82)3667
Dr Charlie Gardner

Lecturer in Conservation Biology

C.Gardner-399@kent.ac.uk 01227 (8)16762
Dr David Roberts

Reader in Biodiversity Conservation

D.L.Roberts@kent.ac.uk - 01227 (82)7851

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Species identification; image matching; subjective well-being; biological recording; citizen science

G.E.Austen@kent.ac.uk - (01227) 816810
Dr Ian Bride

Senior Lecturer in Biodiversity Management

I.G.Bride@kent.ac.uk - 01227 (82)7872
Dr Jake E. Bicknell

Lecturer in Conservation Biology

J.E.Bicknell@kent.ac.uk - 01227 (82)7139
Dr Janine Robinson

Researcher and Associate Lecturer


Lecturer in Conservation Science

Biodiversity offsets, business and biodiversity; environmental change; no net loss

Dr Joseph Tzanopoulos

Reader in Landscape Ecology and Biodiversity Conservation

J.Tzanopoulos@kent.ac.uk - 01227 (82)3146

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Geography; human-environment relations; human health and environment

Dr Mark Hampton

Reader in Tourism Management

M.Hampton@kent.ac.uk - 01227 (82)7264
Dr Matthew Struebig

Senior Lecturer in Biological Conservation

M.J.Struebig@kent.ac.uk - 01227 (82)4924
Dr Peter Bennett

Reader in Biodiversity and Evolutionary Ecology

Evolution, ecology and conservation of birds, global biodiversity hotspots

P.M.Bennett@kent.ac.uk - 01227 (82)4224
Dr Rachel McCrea

Lecturer in Statistics

R.S.McCrea@kent.ac.uk - 01227 82 4760
Dr Robert Fish

Reader in Human Ecology

R.Fish@kent.ac.uk - 01227 (8)16315
Dr Simon Black

Associate Lecturer and Researcher

S.Black@kent.ac.uk 01227 (82)3927
Dr Tatyana Humle

Senior Lecturer in Conservation and Primate Behaviour

T.Humle@kent.ac.uk - 01227 (82)7845
Professor Douglas MacMillan

Professor of Conservation and Applied Resource Economics

D.C.MacMillan@kent.ac.uk - 01227 (82)4902
Professor Jim Groombridge

Professor of Biodiversity Conservation

J.Groombridge@kent.ac.uk - 01227 (82)4097
Keith Somerville

Centre for Journalism - Honorary Professor

Professor Richard Griffiths

Professor of Biological Conservation

R.A.Griffiths@kent.ac.uk - 01227 (82)3434
Professor Zoe Davies

Professor of Biodiversity Conservation

Z.G.Davies@kent.ac.uk - 01227 (82)3051

Research students

Hadi Al Hikmani

Population genetics of the Arabian leopard in Oman

Kate Allberry

How is environmental change influencing the movement of Malaysia's apex predators in wildlife corridors?

Lawrence Ball

The socio-ecological dynamics of pastoralism and overgrazing in the Dhofar Mountains of Oman

Nick Deere

Understanding covariation between mammalian diversity and forest carbon across a human-modified tropical landscape

Jessica Fisher

Benefits of Biodiversity: Human-Nature Interactions in Urban Guyana

Debbie Fogell

Measuring the effects of supplementary feeding on trajectory of threatened populations

Gwili Gibbon

Informing participatory conservation planning within the Mount Kenya landscape

Gemma Harding

The best laid plans? Evaluation of ex situ components within species conservation action plans

Jessica Haysom

Borneo's Arboreal Mammals: Diversity and Vulnerability to Habitat Change

Veronica Iniguez-Gallardo

Social perspectives on climate change

Thirza Loffeld

Professional Development in Wildlife Conservation: identifying gaps and barriers from case studies in developing countries

Elizabeth Loh

Host diversity and disease risk in a fragmented landscape: evaluating the effects of habitat fragmentation on bat and viral communities in Brazil

Aidan Mackay

Assessing the impact of the introduced marsh frog (Pelophylax ridibundus) on common frogs (Rana temporaria) in South East England

Izabela Menezes-Barata

Monitoring the effects of climate change on a montane amphibian population

Simon Mitchell

The value of riparian strips for tropical birds and bats

Abdalgamil Mohammed

The impacts of community-based ecotourism on communities’ attitudes towards conservation

Trang Nguyen

The impact of Traditional Chinese Medicine on African Wildlife: The role of East Asian immigrants

Helen Pheasey

Methods of, and motives for, laundering a wildlife commodity beyond captive farms

Jack Slattery

Feasibility of introducing the red-billed chough (Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax) to Kent

Claire Stewart

Modelling future scenarios for conservation land-use in England

Rachel Sykes

Measuring the effectiveness of the global protected area network: how much is enough and how close are we?

Laura Thomas-Walters

Laura Thomas-Walters Social Marketing and Behaviour Change for Demand Reduction in Wildlife Trade

Anthony Turner

Investigating the relationship between the soundscape and the landscape

Helena Turner

Population Status and Conservation of the Critically Endangered Bermuda Rock Lizard (Plestiodon longirostris)

Nurulhuda Binti Zakaria

Assessing the status of amphibians in agricultural landscapes

Advisory Board members

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Co-Executive Director, Arcus Foundation

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CEO, Save the Rhino

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Founder and Managing Partner, Althelia Ecosphere and Althelia Climate Fund GP

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Secretary to the Council, University of Kent

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Honorary Director, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

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Head of Programme – Protected Areas, United Nations Environment World Conservation Monitoring Centre

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Biodiversity Consultant


Director of Newton Paisley

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Chief Scientist, Natural England

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Advisory Board Chair and Conservation Consultant

Professor Jim Groombridge

Professor of Biodiversity Conservation

J.Groombridge@kent.ac.uk - 01227 (82)4097
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Director, Sustainable Development, Royal Haskoning DHV

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Founder of MORI

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Author and environmentalist

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Chief Adviser, Forests, WWF-UK

Honorary and Associate members

Deputy Country Director, Indonesia Program, Wildlife Conservation Society & DICE Associate Member

Matt has spent the past 20 years working on large mammal conservation, deforestation, poaching and protected…

Curator of Reptiles and Amphibians (ZSL) & DICE Associate Member

Ben is a conservation biologist at the Zoological Society of London (ZSL). Ben’s primary interests include…

Conservation Scientist, Chester Zoo & DICE Associate Member

Simon Tollington joined Chester Zoo in 2016 as a Conservation Scientist from DICE, University of Kent…

Science Director at Animal Free Research UK & DICE Associate Member

Dr Hazel Jackson is an evolutionary biologist and wildlife conservationist whose research interests centre around evolutionary…

Program Director, Small Cats, Panthera & DICE Associate Member

Dr. Wai-Ming Wong joined Panthera in 2013 as the Tiger Program Manager and now serves as…

DICE Associate Member

Upon receiving her post-graduate degree in Conservation Biology from DICE, Jeanne was a consultant on a…

Dr Richard Bodmer

Honorary Professor in Conservation Ecology

Dr Rachel Maree Bristol

Honorary Research Associate

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Honorary member

Professor Jon Hutton

Honorary Professor of Sustainable Resource Management

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Honorary member

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Honorary member

Dr Nicholas Macgregor

Honorary Senior Research Fellow


Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Eirini Saratsi

Honorary member

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Honorary member

Ian Watson

Honorary Research Associate