Portrait of Dr  Matthew Whittle

Dr Matthew Whittle

Lecturer in Postcolonial Literature


My research concentrates on postcolonial and global literatures, with special emphasis on the legacies of Empire for British culture and society. My monograph, Post-War British Literature and the “End of Empire” (Palgrave Macmillan), explores British responses to imperial decline, focusing on decolonisation, Americanisation and mass immigration to Britain (indicative authors include Anthony Burgess, Alan Sillitoe, Graham Greene, and Colin MacInnes). I have also published on post-war Caribbean literature, post-colonial African nationalism and depictions of trophy hunting in the artworks of Walton Ford and the writing of Ernest Hemingway. I am currently working on post-imperiality in the novels of Angela Carter as well as co-authoring a new book entitled Global Literature and the Environment: Twenty First Century Perspectives (Routledge). This latter project analyses human interactions with nonhuman worlds in the context of the world literary system, and in dialogue with the politically-charged postcolonial concerns of race, gender, class, empire, nation and migration. My research has informed articles in The Independent, Newsweek, Wire and The Conversation. 


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Last updated 15th October 2020