Men and women talking
Picture by Samuel Zeller


The Kent Centre for Law Gender and Sexuality (KCLGS)

The Kent Centre for Law Gender and Sexuality (KCLGS) is a critical, interdisciplinary centre, which advances research that is theoretically informed and policy relevant. Its membership is made up of interested academics and doctoral students based at the University of Kent.

The Centre has its roots in the AHRC Centre for Law Gender and Sexuality, a three-institution collaboration, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council from 2004-2009. While the AHRC funding has now ended, KCLGS retains strong links with the other partners in that original collaboration, the Universities of Keele and Westminster.

At the intellectual heart of KCLGS is the project of exploring the complex relationships between gender, sexuality, law, and governance. Members of KCLGS study these relationships in multiple ways in their individual research and collaborative research projects.