CHSS undertakes methodologically rigorous applied health and social care research with a focus on health and social care systems, and community, primary, public health and social care services. While developing core long-term research projects, CHSS has continued to conduct research that is responsive to research users and directly impacts policy and practice with a strong emphasis on public engagement. Our research is grouped around three clusters defined by groups of projects and bodies of work, led by experts but enabling our core research staff to work fluidly across clusters gaining experience and development in more than one field.

We work closely with the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) leading the Applied Research Collaboration Kent, Surrey and Sussex and as part of the Research Design Service South-East. Please explore the range of projects within each of our research clusters and also our archive of previously completed research.

For further information about these projects please contact the named research lead.

  1. Primary and community-based services, practice and policy
    Research in this area has been integral to the mission of CHSS since its inception. We work with a wide range of health and social care organisations locally and nationally including the Department of Health and Social Care and NHS England and Improvement. We also support research in general practice and community health and social care services.
  2. Health and social care systems
    CHSS research has focused on innovations and changes to the organisation and delivery of health care services at local, national and international levels. We study how policy is developed and implemented, the implications of different modes of delivery, internal organisational processes and collaboration for health and wellbeing outcomes for the public and patients.
  3. Starting well
    Starting well is a developing programme of work that encompasses the physical and mental health and wellbeing of children and adolescents. It embraces child, youth and family public health and services, parenthood practices and maternal health as it affects wellbeing in infancy and childhood.