Centre for Employment, Competitiveness and Growth

Director of CECG | Professor George Saridakis

Welcome to the Centre for Employment, Competitiveness and Growth (cECG).

Our team comprises a mix of theoretical and empirical researchers with interdisciplinary backgrounds. In particular, we focus on the development and transferring of world-class research and expertise on the employer-employee relationship, employee health and wellbeing, innovation, entrepreneurship, gender differences in leadership, internationalisation and organisational performance in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and large organizations.

The Centre takes a multidisciplinary approach to research, drawing on the expertise and resources of both cECG members and internationally recognised academics associated with the Centre, and various practitioners from further afield.

Since cECG’s launch in 2003, our members have attracted funding of over £1million and worked with hundreds of business or policy organisations. The centre currently has 19 core research members and is under the directorship of Professor George Saridakis.

Our research is published by world leading journals which makes a strong contribution to the academic arena, and recent publications can be extracted directly from our members’ individual pages.

Furthermore, our research informs policy makers and business world on key business issues that can help towards building resilience, sustaining growth and employment, increasing competitiveness and promoting wellbeing, especially when operating in uncertain, volatile and aggressive markets.

If you would like to come in contact with us please feel free to email Professor George Saridakis at G.Saridakis@kent.ac.uk