Dr Zerihun Doffana Doda

Ethiopian Civil Service University, Center for Research in Ethics & Integrity

Zerihun Doffana Doda, PhD (Environmental Anthropology, Development & Conservation)

Assistant Professor & Senior Researcher at Center for Research Ethics & Integrity, African Institute of Governance & Development, & Department of Environment and Climate Change, Ethiopian Civil Service University

Alumnus of University of Kent, England, the United Kingdom

Trainer — CAQDAS- qualitative data management & analysis software & other research and bibliographic reference management software ( NVivo, Quirkos, Atlas.ti; Zotero, Mendeley, Qiqqas)


Doda, Z. Doffana 2019. The conservation of African yellowwood tree (Afrocarpus falcatus) in Sidama sacred sites, Ethiopia. Cogent Social Sciences, 5(1): 1–17.

Indigenous Religions, Identity, and Biodiversity in Southwest Ethiopia

Sacred natural sites, herbal medicine, medicinal plants and their conservation in Sidama, Ethiopia

The Role of Sacred Natural Sites in Conflict Resolution: Lessons from the Wonsho Sacred Forests of Sidama, Ethiopia