Dr Axel Klein

Social Anthropologist, Medical Ethnobotany, International Drug Policy

Independent researcher and evaluation specialist with an interest in:

• Monitoring and Evaluation of development cooperation projects
• Criminal justice and security issues in Africa
• Palliative care, access to essential medicines, falsified medicines
• Medical cannabis and drug policy
• Bio fuel, land conservation, rural livelihoods

Axel has published widely including media, academic and professional journals, has run university programmes and presented at high level policy impact settings including UN, WHO, European Commission, African Union, CARICOM and the UK Home Office.

His interests span across several dimensions – first the continuous fascination of people with mind-altering substances in their different shapes and guises and the cultures of consumption that arise; secondly, the efforts by governments to manage the risks inherent in the use of these substances and the control apparatus that has been built up over the past half century; thirdly, the dynamics of an underground market and the criminality that has emerged at local as well at international basis and the efforts to combat it.

He has had the opportunity of working with diverse organisations including NGOs like ISDD, DrugScope and Hibsicus, but also international agencies like the European Commission, the EMCDDA and UNODC in various capacities. Having worked on projects in over 30 countries including Afghanistan, Cambodia, Jamaica and Nigeria he thinks that drug control is in crisis and in urgent need of reform. He is currently the editor of Drugs and Alcohol Today and have published inter alia Drugs and the World (2008), The Khat Nexus. Stimulating the Debate on Drugs (2007) and Caribbean Drugs: From Criminalisation to Harm Reduction(2004).