Dennis Francis

Ethnobotanical Researcher

Dennis Francis is an ethnobotanical research assistant with expertise on Jamaican ‘bushes and roots’ (herbal medicine) and Rastafari spirituality. Dennis’ passion for medicinal plants began in childhood and was inspired by his parents and grandparents. Growing up in Jamaica he also learned about Rastafari herbal practices from one of his uncles. Dennis has been living in London since the late 1990s and is well-connected in the local Rastafari community. Dennis has been working with Dr. Anna Waldstein, as well as her PhD students Nathan Glace and Jason Irving, on several projects related to Jamaican herbal medicine, Rastafari and wellbeing. In addition, for the past 5 years Dennis has led a workshop on ‘Jamaican Bushes and Roots in London’ for the module SE880 Holism, Health and Healing.

Research Projects

Rastafari healing traditions in the UK

Impacts of deportability and structural vulnerability on well-being among Jamaicans living in the UK

Healing Roots: An exploration of Rastafari complementary and alternative medicine in the UK


Conference Presentations

Waldstein, A. and D. Francis 2018. “The Embodiment of and Resistance to Deportability among Jamaicans in the UK.” Paper presented at the 15th Bienniel Conference of the European Association of Social Anthropologists, Stockholm, Sweden

Waldstein, A. and D. Francis 2017. “Roots, Bushes and Fruits: A Preliminary Report on Jamaican Complementary and Alternative Medicine in London: Paper Presented at the 58th Annual Meeting of the Society for Economic Botany. Braganca, Portugal.